Monday, August 19, 2013

Aroma Delights Review

Alcohol-Free Body Splash by

I was lucky enough to receive two bottles of Aroma Delights NEW posh Alcohol-Free Body Splash and I was amazed at this Body Splash!

Normally, I am a Perfume Advocate. I am not hugely into Body Sprays. My skin is so sensitive and it breaks out easily, especially when I apply a body spray.

I was curious to try the Alcohol-Free Body Splash and see how it would react with my skin.

I received 2 scents, one in Sensual Delight and one in Candy Girl.  After showering, I spritzed the Candy Girl splash a few times over my body.

This Body Splash is unique because unlike other sprays, the product stayed on top of my skin. After a few seconds, it had left behind a luxurious shimmer on my skin that made it it feel velvety smooth. My skin felt softer and more supple than if I had used a creamy, expensive lotion. It left a fun, fruity scent that lasted all day. Every where I went, I left a trail of sweet, delightful strawberry and cotton candy redolence.

Candy Girl is sure to have every man following you like a lost puppy! 

That night, before I met up with my husband, I quickly rinsed off and splashed with the Sensual Delight Spray. It dampened my skin with a seductive aura of vanilla and a hint of sexy floral and enticing musk. Sensual Delight allowed me to feel as alluring as I smelled.

Have any man eating out of your palm with this irresistible Splash made for a Temptress!

Each one of these elegant Body Splashes contain no alcohol, no petroleum products and no harsh chemicals so they are safe for ANY skin type! I even applied after shaving, which left my legs silky and smelling delicious. The Body Splashes left my clavicle with a sexy sheen.

I have fallen in love with these fascinating splashes.

There are 5 original scents:
  • Sensual Delight - A wonderful mix of sweet musk, vanilla and a touch of sweet floral. Very sexy!
  • Summer Rain - A fresh, clean scent with a hint of crisp sweet apple! Absolutely fabulous!
  • Candy Girl - Sticky sweet goodness! Cotton candy with a hint of strawberry..
  • Silk - This incredible scent has a powdery note mixed with soft musk & floral
  • Erotic - Sexy, inviting & erotic! This fragrance combines woodsy musk notes with carribean pineapple and pear.
Palm Tree Burner
So there is a scent for EVERY occasion.

Aroma Delights is a one stop place for all your scented needs!

They carry a huge selection of Oil Burners and Scented Oils.

Glass Oil Burner for $9.99!
Not to mention the vast array of Accessories and bottle holders!

There is something for everyone in Aroma Delights collection. And with the Christmas in August specials, there are deals you won't find anywhere else.

Only 23.99!

Another of my favorites is ANY one of the Touch Lamps! I love this idea.

Check out this gorgeous cheetah print oil warmer... featuring 3 touch settings. 

New! Alcohol Free Body Splash! Buy One Get One Half Off!
Available in 5 different scents! Introductory Special only $8.99ea!
Add 2 bottles of body spray to your cart, then use coupon code 3729 to get the 2nd bottle half off! 

Check out Aroma's Delight coupons for more savings!

Snag your Christmas in August
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**Aroma Delights provided me with the Body Splash for free.. I am in no way obligated to review it, or host a giveaway, if I do not so choose. Nor am I required to write a positive review in exchange for the free product. All opinions are my own honest opinions on these products. Your experience may differ from my own.** 


Anonymous said...


Sarah T said...

I have tried Candy Girl and Erotic and I love them, the scent sticks to you and I love that I have tried super expensive perfumes that the scent seems to fade after a short time, but ilagain I love how these scents stuck all day. I would love to try more scents.

anita salfelder dill said...

Sound yummy smelling!

anita salfelder dill said...

Sound yummy smelling!

Miranda said...

I love my oils and burner, these sound like they are awesome all well!

Miranda said...

I love my oils and burner, these sound like they are awesome all well!

elizabeth varley said...

I also received a bottle of the body sprays, and was pleasantly surprised. They are not oily like most other spray mist and leave your skin so soft and supple, the smell is soft and not overpowering and my husband just loved it. I will definitely be buying these in the future and also they would make a great gift.

Aroma Delights said...

Thank you to everyone for your comments and thank you Renee for trying our products and giving your feedback and great review :)